Banquet accessories
Connector LK-2

A high-class connector mounted permanently to the ALICANTE banquet chair. Thanks to the special system, it is possible to completely hide it in the chair construction at a time when the chair is not in use. Precise workmanship, aesthetic appearance and the ability to connect the chairs at any time makes the LK-2 the perfect solution for customers who value quality and comfort of use.

Connector LK-1

Quick to assemble and practical connector for ALICANTE banquet chairs. Made of unbreakable material, it is fully useful on each conference. LK-1 allows for quick and aesthetic arrangement of chairs in stable rows, without using any tools.

Trolley for tables WS-1

The WS-1 trolley is designed to transport the folding tables available in our offer. It is a solid, metal trolley whose construction allows you to move tables of various shapes and sizes. Rubber swivel wheels provide a comfortable move of the trolley and the foot brake protects it from self-motion.

Trolley for chairs WK-2

The platform-trolley is designed to carry the stackable banquet chairs. WK-2 facilitates the transport of the chairs, it is very manoeuvrable and stable.

Trolley for chairs WK-1

The metal trolley created by a team of Mextra Group constructors is used for transporting the ALICANTE chairs. Owing to it, you can transport the chairs in stacks in a safe and fast way. A special front wheel prevents an uncontrolled fall of the transported goods.